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Career coaching is the process of helping you create a plan for achieving your career goals.  This will initially involve finding out about you through an intake interview.  The questions that will be asked will develop an understanding of your history and current situation in order to determine the career services that will be most helpful.
• You may need help finding your first professional career or maybe a new career.  In order to do this, you will need to clarify your interests, preferences, skills and values.  Using assessments, you will find some exciting clues about PERSONAL POSSIBILITIES and then how this information can translate into JOB POSSIBILITIES.
• You may already know what you want to do but not how to find the job that matches your interests.  You need help with JOB STRATEGIES:

    ° Career Research Skills
      ° How to use job boards
      ° Information Interviewing Skills
      ° The advantages of internships
      ° Advantages of contract/temporary work
      ° How to find and join associations in your field of interest
      ° How to use alumni networks

• You may know what you want to do and where to find the position but you need help improving your CAREER TOOLS:

      ° Assessments to find direction
      ° Resume and Job Search Correspondence
      ° Interviewing Techniques
      ° Networking Skills

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