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How It Works

The program starts with a free, thirty-minute consultation explaining what is offered and finding out what the potential client is looking for.
If you do not need the whole career-direction program but need guidance with a particular area that is what will be covered.

The complete program starts with an INTAKE INTERVIEW. This is where we will talk about your history and current situation.  You will define what you think your career goals are currently, if you know. We will talk about barriers and resources for goal attainment.

From the information shared in the Intake Interview, assessments will be administered that will help you see your career-related interests and abilities then prioritize your career-related values. A number of  assessments can be used, including: Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory, PSI, O*Net Interest Inventory, O*Net Job Indicator, and Knowdell Card Sorts.

This step leads right into an OCCUPATIONAL EXPLORATION.
You will look in-depth at various occupations and job descriptions that will match the findings of your assessments.  You will narrow your options to one or two and together we will write an Action Plan.

THE ACTION STEP is the process of writing a resume template and cover letter template, finding and confirming informational interviews and doing mock interviews, job shadowing, etc.

THE DECISION STEP involves learning about Career Strategies including:
    • Networking
    • Researching specific companies of interest that could be potential employers and keeping current with each company's web site/job page
    • Joining an Association in your field of interest
    • Doing an Internship or working as a contract employee, if appropriate
    • Defining the best job boards and checking them daily for job openings and
    • Keeping in contact with the Alumni association where you graduated